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It is requested that all Fragrance of the Lotus participants be "off the grid" during each module of the training. This means cell phones and laptops in Airplane Mode. You'll be given an emergency contact telephone number and e-mail address you can share with family, friends and colleagues so they can contact Dawn Cartwright immediately should any emergencies arise. How likely is it you could be "off the grid" during Fragrance of the Lotus? *
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Fragrance of the Lotus 2018-2019 . Ojai . California
• Module 1 . August 10th - 19th . 2018
• Module 2 . November 30th - December 9th . 2018
• Module 3 . March 8th - 17th . 2019
• Module 4 . June 7th - June 16th . 2019
Those interested in the comprehensive experiential exploration of Tantra through study and practice, but not wishing to be certified, will apply for Modules 1-3. Those who wish to continue on to receive Tantra Instructor Certification through Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute will apply for Modules 1-4. *
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An integral part of the learning experience will be centered around Dawn Cartwright's three online forums on Facebook. Are you open to participation in these forums?
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