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How did you hear about Laakea?
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If you found us on the web, did your experience here match your expectations derived from the advertised description? Please Explain.
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Who was your Liason and were they available and a good resource for you?
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Did you have any uncomfortable experiences that you want to give us feedback on?
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Where there any residents who supported you and your needs that you would like to mention?
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Did you struggle in relation to any resident? Please describe.
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Did you suffer any injuries while staying here? Please describe.
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What areas do you think we need improvement in? Please be specific.
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Describe how you have grown or changed as a result of being here.
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The general level of Organization of our Community was:
The general Cleanliness of the main house Kitchen was:
How Cohesive did you experience the community?
Were you Oriented sufficiently when you arrived?
Was the community receptive to your needs?
Did you feel the work parties were well organized?
Did you learn what you hoped to learn?
Did you feel cared for in general?
If you were on our meal plan, did the food meet your expectations?
Did you feel we provided you with enough guidance and support?
Overall, how would you rate your time here?
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