Family Sponsorship 2019
What does sponsoring a family involve?
1. Food for a Christmas meal, or a gift card to the family's local grocery store

2. A holiday card with a personal message of good cheer

3. Gift cards or gifts for each child under the age of 16 ($20 per child) - depending on the family's preference - and gift wrapping

4. Delivering all cards (and/or packages) in person, to the family no later than December 16, 2019 unless otherwise arranged with the family.

5. Registering below and deciding the size of family you would like to sponsor
1. Decide on the size of family
When deciding on the family size you’d like to sponsor, first estimate how much you/your group can spend. We suggest $100 for groceries or a grocery store gift card, and $20 per child.
2. Register below
Register online and we will match you with a family. Your sponsorship information will follow within a few days, and will include; first names, ages, gender, and a short wishlist if it were provided from the little ones.
3. Shop!
We suggest shopping in the family’s local community to make it easier for them to exchange if need be. Gift receipts are also encouraged. We recommend keeping them in an envelope to give to the parents when delivering gifts.
4. Coordinate drop off to family
We kindly ask that you drop off gifts and wrapping paper/bags, have an envelope set aside for gift receipts and /or gifts cards, and to drop off their food and gifts in person before December 16, 2019.
5 .Please confirm with us that the family has received their gifts
Last but not least, a confirmation call to the Parkdale Food Centre ensuring that your sponsored family has received everything in time for Christmas, would be greatly appreciated!
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Please register for the size of family you wish to sponsor, once you submit your request, a customized family wish list will be provided to you within 5-10 business days. *
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Thank you so much for helping this family at the holidays. We receive most of our support during the holiday months, but the need continues throughout the year. To continue to help a family after the holidays, please click here:
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