Leon David Simmons Award Nomination
Recognize a family caregiver who is or has provided care to a sick, disabled or elderly loved one. Caregivers impact the lives of many individuals; they give their time, energy and love to benefit others without any acknowledgement for all that they do. Many times forsaking their needs for the needs of others. In recognition of National Family Caregivers Month in November, Caregivers Outreach Mentorship Empowerment, Inc. along with your support; endeavors to raise the awareness about the role, needs and challenges of family caregivers. The Leon David Simmons Award recognizes extraordinary family caregiver who has impacted the lives of others with the simple things they do everyday to make life better for someone else. The award recipient is one who has consistently given of their time, energy and love to benefit another. The recipient of the award will be recognized at C.O.M.E.’s Virtual Family Caregiver's Gala in November.
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