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This registration form is for ALL childbirth and parent classes offered by Warm Scarf Doula.

Birth Professionals interested in Spinning Babies®: this Parent Class is for expecting parents ONLY. Contact me if you have any questions.

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All childbirth prep series are private and virtual until further notice.

Extras and Goodies: Gifts and goodies are sent based on availability, offers and the classes you purchased.

Zoom: Our meetings will take place in a Zoom meeting. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss anything related to the class focus. If lots of questions come up, then it will likely go over time. Likewise, if not much discussion happens, then we may end a little bit early. I am taking every recommended precaution to keep our zoom meetings secure which includes using a randomized meeting ID, setting a password for each meeting that is unique, and enabling the waiting room feature. Meetings are never recorded unless agreed upon before.

TIMEZONE: Please be sure to check the time for this class in your timezone! All classes will be scheduled in Eastern Standard Time as Warm Scarf Doula is located in Maryland, USA.

Things to have ready for class:
If you would like to participate using your tablet or phone, be sure to have a stand or steady place to prop the phone while practicing comfort techniques with your partner or support person.
Please wear comfortable, flexible clothing.
Bottle of water - hydration is important!
Notepaper might be helpful but a handout will be emailed to you, also.

Please call, text, what's app or email me if you have any questions!

Katie Tighe, SpBCPE | 864.356.3487 |
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I usually do not record our zoom meetings. However, IF you would like for our sessions to be recorded to re-watch later, I can offer this service for a limited time. Recordings would NEVER be used for other classes, clients, marketing or any other purpose other than YOUR enjoyment. Recordings would be deleted from the cloud after a predetermined amount of time. *
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