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Calling all allies and advocates of the larger Jewish Community- We NEED you TODAY

The Jewish Student Union at Ithaca College is excited to offer a series of workshops that pertains to learning about and supporting both individual Jews and the larger the Jewish Communities. Each of these highly interactive, fun, and educational workshops will empower attendees to think about Judaism and what is means to care for our community

See below for our list of programs. All programs are open to all (Jewish and non-Jewish) students, faculty and staff members at Ithaca College. Additionally, students/employees of other colleges are welcome too!.

All programs are will be over Zoom and will follow Eastern Standard Time. Attendees will receive Zoom links the day of each event.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the Jewish Student Union Executive Board at

We can't to see you soon!
Description of Each Workshop
Workshop 1- Who are we?: Better Understanding the Jewish People and Identity (10/22 at 4pm EST):
The foundation of advocacy and allyship is understanding identity. Encouraged for both Jews and non-Jewish allies, this dialogue will unpack and redefine the meaning of Judaism and the idea of a Jewish Identity in the 21st Century.

Workshop 2- From Struggles to Strength: Advocacy in Tough Jewish Moments (11/10 at 8pm EST):
Judaism has nearly always faced baseless hatred. However, as Jews, we must take this in our stride. This event will include personal and historic stories of how we have overcome anti-semitic issues and events in ways it has made us stronger as a people.

Workshop 3- Righteous Among the Nations: Being Allies of the Jewish Community (11/24 at 6:30pm EST)
Throughout time, Jews have always turned to righteous gentiles in times of need. Just like before, we need you now. At this event, friends of the Jewish community will learn how to help and become allies for global Judaism.

Workshop 4- The Everlasting Flame: The Future of Our Judaism (12/07 at 5:30pm EST)
Judaism has been around for nearly 4,000 years! As the newest adults in society, it now rests on millennial's shoulders to continue our people and pride. In this final segment, we will discuss how we can embrace our birthright and keep our community strong.
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