ALL 8 Teen Photography Workshop
This 10-week workshop is designed for ages 13-17. All workshop sessions including the photography exhibit and artist talk will be hosted on Zoom, and portfolios will be delivered digitally, unless mailing arrangements are specified. *Either a DSLR digital camera or smart phone camera are required for this free course.
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Community Church is committed to honoring the myriad identities that people hold, including their gender. Please indicate how your teen identifies themself at this time in their life.
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Please choose the grade or grade equivalent that your teen will be entering as of Fall 2021
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Please let us know what type of camera your teen will be using for this workshop. Indicate if DSLR/Digital camera (make & model), iPhone (which version), or Android (brand and version)
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I grant permission for The Community Church of New York to use photos, videos or audio recordings of my teen, taken during the online workshop sessions including the Art Show and Artist Talk, for publicity and promotion of CCNY Programs, including but not limited to the Religious Education Programs. I understand that these photos, videos and/or audio recordings may be used in various media, including but not limited to CCNY's website and related social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. I understand there will be no remuneration for such use.
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