Jilakin Rock Rangers Manual Review
What is this, and why are we doing it?
One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we've gotten about Ranger trainings is that trainees don't want to sit in training and have somebody review stuff with them from the Ranger Training Manual. We listened!

In order for us to do this, we need everyone to come in with things like radio protocols and must-reports fresh in their minds. We've put together this review to make sure everyone is on the same page when they come to training. Completing this should take you 30 minutes, give or take.

Each set of questions is preceded by a page of review text. If you're confident that you know the material, feel free to skip this text and jump straight into the questions. If it's been a while since you've seen this material, or you'd just like a refresher, quickly review the text before answering the questions.

Don't like tests? Not to worry. You're not being graded on this, and you can't fail. In fact, we guarantee that you will get 100% correct — because if you get something wrong, the form will flag it for you and you'll get to answer again (and again) until you get it right.

Good luck, and we hope you enjoy this review!

2019 Jilakin Rock Ranger Council
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