AAA Treasurer Interest Questionnaire
If you are interested in volunteering to fill the Treasurer vacancy on the AAA Executive Board, please complete the form below. Questions about the position can be emailed to
Name *
Phone Number *
email address *
This position requires that you submit a background check that will be completed by the company AAA contracts with to conduct background checks. Personal information is not shared with anyone outside of the company for a clear check. If a background check is flagged, the reason for the flag is shared with the President and Secretary of AAA only. Are you able and willing to pass a background check? *
What are the ages of your children participating in any of the youth sports programs with AAA and what sports do they play? *
Have you served in any leadership position with AAA? (ex. coach, asst. coach, team mom, sport's board of directors, etc?) If yes, please list those positions below. *
Have you served in a leadership positions in any community organizations? (HOA, church committees, Boys Scouts, PTA, etc.) If yes, please list those positions below. *
What skills or experiences do you have that that would qualify you to take on the roll of AAA Treasurer? (ex. job experience in book keeping, accounting, logistics, special training or courses, etc). *
Are you familiar with any accounting software such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, ZarMoney, etc? If yes, list which ones below. *
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