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Welcome to the Global Educators Network Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (GEN TEFL) a gathering of Language Teachers: innovating, connecting, and mentoring (


Double check your email address and complete name before you click submit.

Avoid sending too many entries not to be blocked by the system. Double check everything before you click submit or send button.

Understand that the e-Certificate of Attendance we provide is to be earned, not a giveaway goody.

We have only three basic requirements:

1. Register through the website ( - We do not only need to know who's interested in joining, but also to get information (i.e email address) on where to send important information and other details regarding the webinar.

2. Complete at least 80% of the total session hours-  We wanted you to actively participate, our motto is INNOVATE, CONNECT, MENTOR - We always say:  "you know something I don't know, I know something you don't know" share your thoughts, ideas in our chatbox - it might be the long waited answer to one's question. 

3. Complete the Attendance Form - links will be posted on the chat box any time during the session. Why check attendance, although homework, quizzes, projects are collected everyday? One kid shouted - "it's for the record!"

We are providing a verified Book of e-Certificates in all our webinars to limit the use of printing (one way to help save our mother earth). Please use the links or the QR codes when necessary. If you still wish to have a personal copy, you may screenshot and paste it on MS Word so you could print it (however that's not our recommendation). 

Expect to receive an email regarding information and other details within 24 hours before the session.

Thank you


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