Daily 101 - Fall Quarter 2019 Application
Applications, including relevant documents, are due by Friday, Sept. 27 at 11:59 p.m. at the latest. Final decisions will be sent out by Sunday, Sept. 29, and classes will start the following Tuesday, Oct. 1. Late applications will not be considered.

Classes are currently planned to be Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. for one hour, but this time may change slightly and an update will be sent out.

IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage all interested applicants to attend "Daily Day" on Monday, Sept 23. This is The Daily's annual all-staff meeting where editors meet with their staffs and everyone attends workshops taught by industry professionals to learn and improve as reporters. Please meet in the newsroom (CMU 132) by 11 a.m. for Daily Day.

After completing this application, please email two writing samples to Development Editor Devon McBride at development@dailyuw.com with "Daily 101 Fall Application" in the subject line. Please include both samples in the same email.

The writing samples do not have to be journalistic in nature, but they should demonstrate your best writing and style. If you're worried about grammar affecting the clarity of your writing, ask a friend to proofread your work, or book a session at a tutoring centering (OWRC, CLU, etc) so you can learn how to proofread your own work. Please do not submit poetry samples. Title attached documents as follows "FullName_WritingSample1" and "FullName_WritingSample2" for ease of identification.

No applicant is expected to have prior journalistic or professional writing experience but if believe you do and feel you may not need the entire development course before you begin writing your first articles, please fill out this application like normal and there will be a question below to indicate you would like to be considered to start writing sooner (having your hiring fast-tracked, essentially). This is a new option for The Daily's development class and you will receive more information after you apply.

Prospective writers are required to attend twice-weekly meetings that will be taught by the development editor, various other editors at The Daily, and journalism professionals. In these classes, prospective writers will learn the basics of reporting, how the newsroom works, and journalism ethics. Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday and continue until the last week of classes. Please keep these dates in mind when applying as it is paramount that you are able to attend. If you are not able to make these days work due to classes or other commitments, please consider applying another quarter. We also recognize the busy lives students live, so class slides and materials will be emailed out after each class if you must miss one, please remember to communicate this with the editor as necessary.

Prospective writers are expected to complete a minimum of three stories (more are encouraged). Writers will be expected to come into the newsroom to engage in live edits with the development editor and the section editor after articles are written.

Contact Development Editor Devon McBride at development@dailyuw.com with any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in applying to be a photographer, contact photodevelopment@dailyuw.com. If you are interested in being an illustrator, contact illustrations@dailyuw.com. If you are interested in being a page designer, contact design@dailyuw.com. If you're interested in being a videographer, contact huskycast@dailyuw.com. If you're interested in being a copy editor, contact copy@dailyuw.com.

THE COURSE IS NOT FOR CREDIT OR PART OF UW'S REGISTRAR. This class is only for The Daily's hiring purposes.
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How would you describe your positionality* at UW? What unique perspective and experiences would you bring to The Daily? *
*Positionality: the sociopolitical factors (race, gender, class, ability, etc.) beyond your control that shape your understanding of the world and how you fit in and respond to it.
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Friendly reminder to send in your writing samples!
Follow the guidelines provided at the top and email them to development@dailyuw.com labeled "FullName_WritingSample1" and "FullName_WritingSample2" for ease of identification with "Daily 101 Fall Application" in the subject line.
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