Active School Parent Questionnaire
Does your child enjoy P.E.?
What part of the PE curriculum does you child enjoy most?
Do you receive enough information about your child's progress in PE?
Does your child receive PE homework? If yes, what is your opinion of this homework?
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How could we make our PE programme better?
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Do you think your child benefited from the school's last running initiative?
Do you think that the classroom-based physical activity breaks (10@10, GoNoodle, etc.) are of benefit to your child?
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Does your child enjoy break times in the yard?
Do you think that our school provides a playground environment what encourages your child to be active during breaktimes?
How do you suggest we could improve activity levels during break time?
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Does your child enjoy Active School Week?
How could we improve our Active School Week programme?
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Do you know how many minutes of physical activity that children should do every day to be healthy?
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Would you be interested in joining the Active School Committee? if yes, please give your name and contact details to your child's classroom teacher.
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