Artist Residency Swap - OPEN CALL for supported residency swaps between Finland and Denmark.

Swap your home AND workspace/studio with other artists. The application is open from the 11.5.- 15.6.2019.

Artist Residency Swap - ARS is a new kind of artist residency platform, which was launched in May 2019. To celebrate the launch ARS will carry out 2-4 -weeks long funded swaps in Autumn 2019. The swaps will happen between Finland and Denmark. The swappers will switch their apartments and workspaces/studios with each other for the same time period.

If you're interested, please create a profile and listing at and then fill out this form. We will go through all the answers swiftly so you will be informed about the selection in June 2019.

The swaps would happen early to late Autumn of 2019.

Finlands Kulturinstitut i Danmark will reimburse each swapper with a maximum of 2500DKK (about 335€) for travels costs between their home and the other residency. As you will be swapping your home and studio/workspace, you will not pay any additional costs.

ARS is an initiative of Anni Fahler and Timo Wright. Its aim is to create a practical and flexible artist residence platform, which can serve a greater number of artists and cultural workers in different life situations.

We hope to hear from you soon! Deadline is: 15.6.2019

Contact :

Swappers should consider taking a home and/or travel insurance to cover possible damages or incidents that might occur. To be absolutely clear, ARS nor Finlands Kulturinstitut i Danmark cannot and will not take any responsibility, legal or otherwise, regarding any matters related to the swap. We work as a connecting partner and provide the service "as is". Therefore it is important that you discuss and agree with your swapping partner on all matters regarding the swapping of your home and workspace.

You can follow our journey on Facebook:, on Instagram: @artistresidencyswap and on our website:

(Photo by Carlo Villarica on Unsplash)
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