Co-curricular Exam
Directions: Please answer each multiple choice question using the Shiocton School District Co-Curricular Code, which can be found on the Shiocton Athletics page of the Shiocton School District website. In order to pass this exam, student and parent must score 80% or better (12/15 questions). If you have any questions, please contact the High School at (920) 986-3351 ext 731 or email
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A student is academically ineligible if *
Which of the following statements regarding transportation are true? *
Which of the following are symptoms of a concussion? *
If a student wishes to participate in a practice or game, they must attend *
If a contest is on a non-school day and a student misses school the last school day, is the student eligible to participate? *
A first offense code violation results in a student being ineligible for what percentage of the season? *
A second violation of the co-curricular code results in a period of ineligibility that is what percent of the season? *
If an issue arises during the season, who should first have a conversation to discuss the issue? *
The co-curricular code is good for how long upon its signing? *
A students' grades are evaluated how often to determine eligibility? (MS / HS) *
A student who academically ineligible is not eligible for how long? (MS / HS) *
Which of the following steps should NOT be taken in solving conflicts during the season? *
Which of the following is not a prohibited action under the co-curricular code? *
Which of the following is true for an athlete wishing to compete in a non-school competition? *
With the addition of cross country as a club activity, Shiocton now has how many sports and club activities? *
Acknowledgement of Information
By clicking on the submit button you are electronically stating that the parent/legal guardian and student as listed above have together read over and understood the Shiocton School District's Co-Curricular Code. The parent and student also understand that they must sign a paper copy of the co-curricular code and turn it into the high school office before a student can become eligible to participate or compete.
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