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*** Please do NOT fill out this form if you're not ready to hop on a call with me should I reach out to you once reading your answers. Please respect my time. If you take the time to fill this form out you must be ready to schedule a time to talk to me seriously on the phone about us potentially working together. If you're not serious about booking in for a phone call, please do NOT fill out this form.*** (Said with love and respect - for BOTH our time).

Thanks so much for applying to work with me, I’m excited to see if we’re a good fit to work together! We need to ensure we are both on the same page so you don’t waste your time or money and I don’t waste my time, (I know people are short on both these two things!).

The only way I work with women is in a committed working relationship. This means I’m committed to you and I will do everything in my power to help you overcome your current health struggles.

Likewise, you are committed to the process and what needs to be done in order for us to give it our best shot at getting you your desired outcome. This involves you trusting me and my thousands of hours of education and clinical experience that has allowed me to determine the best way to work with clients in order to see results.

You also have to be both financially and emotionally ready to invest in your health. There are no quick fixes and doing what I do takes multiple hours therefore there is a financial investment involved on your behalf.

All my packages include both a DUTCH hormone test and a GI Map stool test and some also include a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test. These tests are included in the price of my packages, (you don’t have to pay extra for them).

If you want to understand more about my health philosophy I suggest you follow me and have a read of some of my Instagram posts HERE:
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Please answer the following questions and I will review your responses and get back to you if I think I can help you.
If I get back to you, you will be given a link to book in for a free discovery call with me so we can dig deeper and decide on the best wellness package for you.
What is your name and where are you located, (I work 100% online so it doesn’t matter where in the World you live).
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What is your main health concern(s) that you would like me to help you tackle? Please only list the top 3 that are the priority for you right now, and in order.
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What have you tried in the past to get on top of your health concern(s)?
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Do you consume a vegetarian or vegan diet? *
How committed are you to making the changes I may suggest for you? For example, I will tell you to go gluten-free, reduce your sugar consumption, not drink alcohol whilst we work together, and probably kick coffee, (temporarily). I will guide you every step of the way and give you support and tools to make these transitions easier for you, (you won’t be in this alone). On a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the “most committed”, how ready are you to make a change in your health and follow the protocol I suggest for you?
Least committed
Most committed
How much support do you you need to make a change? Are you someone who likes to have weekly check-ins with your coach, or are you someone who likes to do things a little more "solo"? Do you want some ass-kicking from me or do you want to go at your own pace a bit? (Either is completely fine - this just helps me determine which of my programs would be a better fit for you).
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How much are you willing to invest in your health at this time? Please note I do offer payment plans when necessary and obviously my higher priced packages come with a significant amount of support from me. All packages include a DUTCH test, a GI Map and some include a HTMA test, (all prices are in Canadian dollars. Please google for the exchange rate if you’re not paying in Canadian dollars):
Thank you
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