The Floortime Center Development and Behavior Questionnaire
**Only fill this out if you are already receiving services at The Floortime Center and have been directed to by one of the staff**
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Section 1: General Greenspan Floortime Info
How much Greenspan Floortime are you (parent1) and parent2 doing per day *
A Lot (3 or more 30 minute sessions a day
Medium (two 30 minute sessions a day)
A little (one 30 minute session a day)
None or less then one 30 minute session per day
How much screen time is your child getting per day on average? *
Is your child able to play/interact with you, or another caregiver, and maintain the interaction for 20-30 back and forth circles? (Think of unstructured or non-repetitive activities) *
How many play dates per week is your child having? (sports practices/teams do not count) *
If you answered less than 2 per week, then please explain why that is the case.
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Section 2: Behavioral Info (Optional). If your child is experiencing new or increasingly challenging behaviors then please fill out the 4 questions below.
What behavior are you observing (i.e., Defiance, aggression, limit testing, sleep disruptions, etc.)
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How long has this been going on?
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Has it gotten...
What are the trigger(s) that typically preceed the behavior? (i.e. Transitions, demands, stimulating social settings, limits, etc.)
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Section 3: Below are 5 areas we look at when trying to figure out why a child is making slow progress or if we are seeing a behavioral change. Please list any and all possible changes in life, even if you think they are insignificant or unrelated.
Have there been any changes with the family or at home? (i.e., work status, visitors, basic routines at home, sibling(s), marital patterns, etc.) *
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Have there been any changes theraputically? (i.e., new therapies, new therapists, stopping/pausing a therapy, etc.) *
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Have there been any environmental changes? (i.e., allergic or toxic reactions, exposure to paints, pesticides, new carpeting, construction materials, moving to a new living space, etc) *
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Have there been physical changes? (i.e., diet, health/illness issues, medications, etc.) *
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Have there been any changes at school? (i.e. schedule, teachers, other students, the program, etc.) *
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