Story talkies Lucknow

//Maverick artists and EarLyApp Presents-
India's First Podcasting Talent Hunt
Story Talkies - Poetry and Storytelling slam #1 Open Mic//
A platform to celebrate the joy of creative expressions.

It's always empowering to tell your own story in your own voice.
With Story Talkies, we want to speak to the budding storytellers and poets within all of us. Get to perform in your own formats. Redefine style And if you can weave magic with your art, you can get to be the voice of an EarLyApp Original podcast - Yes! Your own audio show and our promotions. Isn't it amazing?
Add to it the featuring on Maverick Artists YouTube channel!
All these as you talk your stories and perform your poetry for a lively audience in your city!

Come, Perform & listen to today's budding storytellers & poets as they begin their journey of becoming a superstar performer, in months to come! Three hours to unwind yourself and immerse in a creative experience as you listen to the most promising, fresh voices of your city and, of course, this is an opportunity to spend awesome evenings with your family & friends at the coolest hangout spot in the city.
Eat, drink and make sure your city's creative voices get ab opportunity to echo at the national level soon!

If you want to participate:-
1. Fill in the participation form
(link in the bio or sign up on Facebook or follow the link - )

2. Purchase the ticket from
( )

3. The theme is general so you can perform whatever that makes you happy
4. The allotted time is 5 minutes
5. Any language is welcome
6. Deadline to fill the participation form is 23rd November till 10.30 pm
7. Only original write-ups allowed

Event details-
24th November, 4 pm onwards
At- Repertwahr, Kala Niketan, A - 2, Faizabad Rd, Maruti Puram, Rabindra Palli Colony, Lucknow.

Email *
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we hope you will join us in our revolution.
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