Technology Agreement Form
King's Way Christian School Technology Agreement Form
Dear Parent,

Many of our teachers and parents have inquired about the feasibility of using personal technology in the classroom. Last year we conducted a small pilot program from which we learned many valuable lessons. From this trial, we have drafted an agreement for grades 7-12th that we believe will best benefit the students learning while not hindering security measures we already have in place. This agreement only applies to in class personal device use at the direct permission of the current classroom teacher. If you are uncomfortable with your student utilizing personal technology in a classroom, please do not sign and return this document. If personal technology is used in accordance to this policy, internet filtering will be applied to all internet use. Please keep in mind that the filter is like a fence, no fence is perfect, but it established a barrier between objectionable content while still allowing the positive educational benefits.

Personal Electronic Device Agreement
King’s Way Christian School

PEDs (Personal Electronic Devices) include, but are not limited to: laptop computers, netbooks, iPads or other tablet computers, iPods and cell phones with relevant apps and/or data plans.

Any device that attaches to the cellular network is not allowed to be used in classes or between classes. These devices will not be allowed on the school Wi-Fi network.

The extent to which learners are allowed to use personal electronic devices (PEDs) in class is up to the discretion of individual teachers. Teachers are encouraged to incorporate appropriate use of PEDs into the classroom.
No technical support is provided for PEDs at school.
Devices with data plans must be in “airplane mode”, the only access to the internet that is allowed is through the school provided access.
PEDs are not to be used for communication (email, texting, snapchat, skype, vines, or telephoning) at any time, unless authorized by a teacher. Students may not use the camera features of PEDs without the consent of a staff member and the person being photographed or videotaped. Social Networking is not allowed unless with the consent of the class the student is currently in.
PEDs are not to be used during testing without the express consent of the teacher.
All PEDs are brought to school at the user’s own risk. King’s Way nor its staff members are not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to PEDs.
Use of PEDs for unauthorized gaming is prohibited.
Teachers and administrators may bar an individual learner from using PEDs as deemed necessary.
PEDs are subject to all provisions in the school’s Acceptable Use Agreement.
Shared use of PEDs as a wireless hotspot to circumvent the school’s web filter is prohibited.
PEDs may be confiscated at any time if these guidelines are not followed. Return of the device is contingent on the outcome of a meeting with the parents of the involved student(s).
The above rules only pertain to use of PEDs inside of a classroom. Use of PEDs outside of a classroom is still prohibited.
Each PED must be registered for use on the school network prior to use. A signed copy of this document must be on file prior to registering any devices.

Please fill out one form per device, per student.

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