Sydney Language in Gaming
Please read the ethics form before your start:

Note: The Game can be played in Chrome with WebGL enabled
1. The introduction scene is not interactive, just sit back and listen
2. For the flying scene you pass through the plumes to hear the area described. To end that level go to the yellow plume to arrive at UTS and go to the next scene
3. In the 2D section the characters speak for themselves, in sequence

Key Pad
The arrow keys change your direction in the flying scene
The left and right arrow keys move you around the 2D scene, but also the camera moves itself to the speaker, so there is little control at present
C - to continue to next phrase press ‘C’ (capital or small)
R - to repeat a phrase press ‘R’ and the subtitles will cycle through Dharug, English and none
[X - to jump scenes, press ‘X’]
What did you like about the game?
What was your experience of the game?
What did you think was being said? Did you use the sub-titles?
How much of the conversation could you understand (without reading the subtitles)?
How much of the gestures of each of the speakers helped with understanding the general content of the conversation?
If any: Could you describe which gestures helped reinforce your understanding of the conversation?
How important was the sound design to your experience of the immersion?
Did the sounds help direct your attention?
Clear selection
Did the sound design contribute to your sense of engagement with the visuals?
Clear selection
The 2D section was developed from Lycett drawing made at the time of colonisation. How did the visual design of the landscape affect your perception of Australia pre-colonisation?
What impression did you get of Sydney at that time?
Did you notice any difference between your comprehension between each section in 3D and 2D?
What did you feel hearing the Sydney language spoken?
Do you remember anything that was said (either as language or English)?
If so: Why was this memorable?
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