JRB 2023 Young Adult Leadership Summit
Join Rise Be wants your input on our 2023 Young Adult Leadership Summit! This survey will take roughly 1 to 5 minutes depending on what you want to share. Only 3 answers are required to complete the survey. They are each marked with a red asterisk.
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Participation and Privacy
Your answers will automatically be anonymous. We may share anonymous statistics about the results of Questions 1 and 3 in an upcoming JRB newsletter so our community of emerging adults in recovery can more fully participate in planning the summit. We will only share other information in our newsletter with your permission.
2023 Summit Theme: "Creative Pathways to Recovery"
During the June meeting of our Statewide Advisory Board, YAS site participants put their heads together and discussed what they'd like to see at our 2023 summit and a theme emerged: Exploring creative pathways to recovery together! 

YAS site participants are invited to join us for these SWAB meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Hit us up to join in the fun!
Q1: Which creative pathways to recovery have you already explored? *
Q2: Do you feel these activities have supported your recovery? If so, how? If not, why?
Q3: Which creative pathways to recovery might you like to explore in the future? *
Q4: What interests you about these activities? Do you feel like something has held you back from trying them? If so, what might make them more accessible?
Q5: Would you like a chance to share your answer to Q2 in an upcoming JRB newsletter? *
Q6: What name do you want people to use for you? Answer only if you want to share.
Q7: Which pronouns do you want people to use for you?
Q8: How old are you?
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Q9: How interested are you in attending our 2023 summit based off this theme?
Totally disinterested
Definitely interested
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Do you have any other suggestions for how JRB can make our 2023 summit accessible and fun for you?
All done! Thanks for sharing!
We appreciate your input. To connect with us, contact us at connect@joinrisebe.org. Our warmline operators are also available Sunday through Friday from 12-8pm at 1-855-6-467-3669 or 1-855-6-hopenow. You can also help us build a community of emerging adults in recovery by joining our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/qcshPXqJvZ
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