Loop Abroad Dr. Erica Ward Scholarship Application
This is the application for the Loop Abroad Dr. Erica Ward Scholarship. Please note that you must have already applied to Loop Abroad (www.loopabroad.com) in order to be considered for this scholarship. Applications are due December 1st.

Your admissions application essay and transcript that you have already submitted to Loop Abroad will be attached to your scholarship application - there is no need to resubmit those here. There is just a little additional information we need.
Full Name
Who is Dr. Erica Ward?
Dr. Erica Ward is our Academic Director. We believe that she embodies the values we are seeking in our scholarship applicants: she is passionate, dedicated, hard-working, and driven to make the world a better place. Dr. Ward consistently strives to find ways that Loop Abroad can support projects in need and help its students and alumni have fulfilling academic opportunities. We have decided to name this scholarship after her in order to honor her continued commitment to her values and purpose. (PS - She isn't dead. Please don't write your application essay or personal statement about honoring her legacy - she is very much alive and still working here, and if you are a finalist for the scholarship, she will read your essay.)
Personal Statement - Affording Loop Abroad
If you would like to notify us of any information related to income and expenses that is not included in your application or tax forms, you may do so here. (This section is optional.)
Personal Statement (optional)
Proof of Household Income
Proof of Household Income can include last year's tax return or a copy of your FAFSA that includes your household income. PLEASE BLACK OUT ALL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. Please send this information to admissions@loopabroad.com with the subject line "Loop Abroad Dr. Erica Ward Scholarship Application". Household income will be recorded internally and the email and attachment will be deleted within one business day.
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