ChroniclesOfMia: Chibi Commissions

Greetings and Welcome! This form is for ordering a Chibi commission from ChroniclesOfMia a.k.a Sherry [Mia. This commission will include the final image (.PNG file) as well as the photoshop project file (.PSD). ** Prices below are based on one chibi character and are subject to change. This depends on how complicated the drawing and time spent. Invoices & Payment are done through Paypal. **

*** Prices (based on one chibi) ***
Black and White Lineart: $5 base price
Simple Colored Image: +$10
Detailed Colored Image: +$15
Background: +$5
Twitch/YouTube/Facebook Bundles: +$35

Once completed (and if there is an opening), I will e-mail you within 1-2 days. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact me via Twitter, @ChroniclesOfMia or e-mail me at

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