Alignment Newsletter One Year Survey
This survey starts with a few required multiple choice questions that should take ~2 minutes to fill out. There are then a bunch of optional free-form questions; feel free to skip all of them and submit just the multiple choice questions.
Have you read the one year newsletter retrospective? *
There's no need to read the retrospective; I'm just interested in analyzing the difference in answers between people who have read it and people who haven't.
Which of these best describes you? *
How much of the newsletter do you read? *
How long (in minutes) do you think it would take to read and understand well an entire newsletter?
I'm aware that you may not read the entire newsletter, but I want to get a sense of how easy it is to read the newsletter, and I need a common unit of measurement for that.
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How useful do you find these aspects of the newsletter? *
Fairly useful
Keep doing this
This is amazing!
Source of interesting things to read
Newsletter overall
Any clarifying details on your answers to the previous questions?
This and all future questions are completely optional.
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What's your name?
Knowing who you are might cause me to put more weight on your response than if you were anonymous.
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What institution are you affiliated with, if any?
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Why do you find the newsletter valuable?
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What changes could I make for the newsletter to be more valuable for you?
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Any other comments?
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