TARMAC SF - We need your help!
The goal of this form is for us to understand how you can help our entrepreneurs.
Feel free to reach out at paul@calso.co for further information
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How I want to help Tarmac SF Entrepreneurs:
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Fields on which I can give advice on or a class about, even if you are an expert in one specific topic. Ex: If you're an expert about SEO --> click on IT
Topics I can give advice on / make a class about
For each box you ticked on the previous question, please detail what topics you master. EX: if you ticked IT, you can write --> SEO, how to use Google Analytics, Coding 101, Rules for building a mobile App, etc.
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My usual availabilities (which days/hours, etc.)
We are aware that you cannot give us with certainty a specific day and hour. We just want to know what are usually the best moment for you to come help us at Tarmac SF.
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