5-8 Student Survey
All : Please take this survey seriously, and complete all of the questions to the best of your abilities!
What Grade are you in?
What is your Gender?
How would you rate your technology skills?
Do you have a computer at home that has Internet access? (Laptop or Desktop)
How often do you use a computer at school?
Do you wish you had more opportunity to learn using technology?
What type of computer do you prefer using at school?
Do you wish some of your school work and homework was distributed, and completed on a computer?
Do you wish you had your own laptop to learn with at school?
If you had, or currently have your own school issued laptop; would you want to take it home to complete assignments after school?
Do you prefer Fortnite, Minecraft, or Rocket league?
Would you consider Joining a Technology/Coding Club?
Please tell us your thoughts on expanding technology at your school. Do we need more or less of one particular item?
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