Diversity Day Workshops on February 28th
Below is the list of workshops and their description. Kindly make three selections in order of preference. Please note that even though you select these workshops, there is no guarantee that you will get exactly what you pick. The workshops are first come, first serve and some will fill up faster that others. All workshops offer great opportunities to experience different aspects of diversity, we hope you enjoy the event. Please ensure to select different workshops from those you attended last year.

1 - Mixed Martial Arts with Paige and Jordan - In this workshop students will have the opportunity to learn basic jiu jitsu and krav maga moves. (18 participants)

2 - French Folklore with French dept. - Come listen to the story of "La Chasse Gallerie", sing a French Canadian call-and-response song and eat maple taffy. This activity will be held in French, with English translation as needed. All are welcome. (20 participants)

3 - Native Storytelling with Xandria and Aaron Maracle - Native Storytelling We will be explaining the purpose and importance of storytelling in the Indigenous culture and telling 2 or 3 stories. Some of these stories will involve some participation by the audience. (20 participants)


5 - Cultural Music with Mr. Simoneau - Students in this workshop will get the opportunity to use different percussion instruments to learn an African or Brazilian drum rhythm. (10 participants)

6 - Food and Culture with Ms. Hurley - food and culture sampler. Come try your hand at different food samplers. We will be assembling different finger foods from various cultural backgrounds and trying them out. (20 participants)

7 - Foreign Film Short with Mr. Kelly - Experience a movie short outside of the mainstream movie scene. This is the same movie shown last year. (60 participants)

8 - Paralympics activity with Athletic Council - Come play a spin on Bocce Ball. (20 participants)

9 - How to wear a hijab and Arabic writing with Atirah - Girls Only workshop. In this workshop we will explore the history/ purpose and political issues surrounding the hijab. We will also learn how to tie the hijab and we will teach basic Arabic, which includes the alphabet and various simple words. (10 participants)

10 - Henna - Learn about the history of Henna art and have a Henna design done (lasts up to 3 weeks) (15 participants)

11 - Inuit Games with Inuit Children's Centre - Have you ever wondered how people in Canada’s high north pass the long winter months? Come explore and experience a variety traditional Inuit games, activities, and cultural artifacts in this exciting hands on workshop hosted by the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre. (20 participants)

12 - International Theatre with Charles Douglas - Learn about and participate in theatre techniques and activities from all around the world with internationally trained actor, Charles Douglas, who has performed in many shows at the National Arts Centre. (12 participants)

13 - Dungeons and Dragons with Mr. Anderson- Introduction to the hugely popular Dungeons and Dragons. This is for new players only!! A brief explanation of the game and how it works. Short (approx: 30 mins) game scenario run by volunteers. (16 participants) New players only!

14 - Understanding privilege with Ms. Brown and Ms. Adeney - Rather than simply defining privilege or giving us some examples of privilege in our society, we will complete an interactive activity and group sharing exercise to acknowledge and explore personal power and privilege. The goal is to begin to see various aspects of life through different sets of lenses, improve our cultural and global awareness, ultimately to build community and connection. (25 participants)

15 - Mandalas with Logan - In this workshop, we will explore the multitude of traditions surrounding the Mandala. We will be creating our own mandalas, and fabricating unique patterns based on our personal cultures and/or ideas. (15 participants)


17 - Gymnastics with Ashlea, Maddy and Leila- In this workshop we will explore the fundamental movements of gymnastics. It will be a fun introduction of what the sport is all about. We will be trying new things and learning to trust our bodies to support us through the workshop. (15 participants)

18 - Spanish with Carlota - Come learn about the Spanish culture through food, music and dance and try a few practical Spanish phrases. (12 participants)

19 - Improv - Have you ever wanted to try Improv? Now is your chance! This workshop if for students who have never done Improv but would like to try. (10 participants)

20 - LGBTQ+ - Presentation by YouTuber Alex who will share his journey as a Transgender as well as Christine Pratt who will speak about her life and journey as a queer foster parent. (12 participants)

Schedule for the day:
Period 2 9:30 - 10:15
Period 1 10:20 - 11:05
Assembly 1 (Seniors) 11:10 - 11:55 (Juniors in workshops)
Assembly 2 (Juniors) 12:00 - 12:45 (Seniors in workshops)
Lunch 12:45 - 1:35
Period 4 1:40 - 2:35
Period 3 2:40 - 3:30

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