Heart of Cool Trail Run (HoC) would like to offer engineering, agriculture, visual and performing arts (EAVAPA) grants up to $1,000 to any teacher or person who runs or helps out an organization that involves students of Black Oak Mine Unified School District. (Example, if your school PTA provides funds for a program offered at school, a parent could apply for the grant for that program.) The monies must be used to to inspire students' future success through agriculture, engineering and VAPA. Please complete the grant application in it's entirety. Grant deadline is March 31, 2020. Once grant recipients have been selected, recipients must sign an agreement for funding prior to receiving any funds. Grant period is from April 15, 2020- April 14, 2021. Grant recipients will also be required to submit a Final Report by April 30, 2021 which will include information provided in the initial grant application as well as provides progress towards grant's goals and may include photos, videos and any other data to support the grant's purpose. A template will be provided by HoC in April 2021.
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