Unit 3/4 Product Design Survey
By Lewis Daniels
Do you go camping or hiking? (Still say yes if infrequent)
Do you go hiking or camping because of the beauty of nature?
Do you have a water bottle that filters untreated water?
Have you ever been in a situation where you have had to drink untreated water? (Even if not when hiking or camping)
Would you consider buying a product that can filter contaminants out of untreated water?
Do you think having a product that could filter untreated water make you feel more confident or comfortable when hiking and camping?
Would you be more likely to buy the product if it was environmentally sustainable?
Would you be more likely to buy a water filter if it reflected nature in its design? eg: used colours or patterns commonly found in nature.
Is there anything else you would look for when buying a product like this? eg: aesthetics, secondary function, lightweight, durability or other properties, cost etc.
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