SSPF Application for Defenders
- You are Indigenous; and
- You reside on Lkwungen or W'sanec territory; or

- You are non-Indigenous, arrested in an Indigenous-led action; or

- You are non-Indigenous, arrested in an action that centered Indigenous Title and rights, decolonization and Indigenous resurgence and/or did protocol to recognize territory, ask for welcome and/or include Indigenous representation; and
- You live on a low-income, disability or fixed pension; and
- You have not applied to Vancouver-based Stop KM Legal Defense Fund.

There will be four application deadlines annually on October 15th, January 15th, April 15th and July 15th. Applications will be reviewed and approved within a week following the application deadline by volunteer members of the Application Review Committee.

Once approved by the Application Review Committee and the Salish Sea Protectors Fund board, funds as available, will be sent by e-transfer to the applicant from the SEA treasurer.

All information shared by the applicant will remain in confidentiality amongst the members of the SSPF board.
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