PoliVisu Data Literacy Survey
Data literacy has become an integral part of a wider discussion about data revolution yet despite the term's growing popularity little is known about its prevalence in Europe. There has been no systematic research on the subject and the paucity of findings that are available paint a picture that is incomplete at best. Recent attempts to fill the gap (e.g. Qlik survey) offer some useful insights but their results are not without limitations, either because the geographic scope is too limited or the focus is on the private sector only.

About this survey
For these reasons PoliVisu has decided to run its own survey, targeting in particular public sector actors across all member states. With this survey tool, PoliVisu aims to collect EU-wide evidence on the use of (big) data for policy-making and experimentation purposes within a broad area of interest that includes but is not limited to mobility and transport. The survey covers all the main aspects of data literacy, from definition and skills to governance structures and existing applications.

Potential benefits
As the topic is currently under-researched, the potential impact of survey results is huge. Decision makers in the private and public sector may use the results for comparative purposes in order to improve existing organisational practices, while the academic community may see them as a stepping stone to future research. Whatever the reason, we hope that survey findings will be of interest to all stakeholder groups and will generate a lively debate about the importance of data literacy in the 21st century, on- and off-line.

Your privacy and further info
The results of this survey will be processed anonymously and presented in an aggregated form in the final report. For more information about the study and the project itself please visit polivisu.eu. If you would like to receive a copy of the final report and be informed about PoliVisu developments, we kindly invite you to provide an email address at the bottom of the questionnaire.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and we would like to thank you for finding time to answer our questions.


The PoliVisu team

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