Belegarth Realm Information Update Survey
Thank you for taking this survey. By updating your group's information regularly, your most recent contact information will be available for the Board of Directers, War Council, and potential new members to find and contact your realm. The results from this survey are used to populate the realm map on For questions or comments regarding this survey or the realm map, please contact

Please check the response sheet at to see if your realm has submitted a response.

Please review the following section of the by-laws before continuing:

Article 15: Realms:
15.1. A Realm is a community or territory that has an active status in the BMCS.
15.2. An active realm in BMCS:
15.2.1. Must have and maintain at least ten (10) active members. An active member is defined as a person who has signed a waiver and either attends practice once a month during the practice season and/or attends three inter-realm events in a calendar year. Minimum active membership shall not include members of another realm.
15.2.2. Must register with the BMCS by contacting an Officer of BMCS.
15.2.3. Must use the rules for combat based on those contained within the Book of War of the BMCS for any inter-realm event they run. Realms may have their own set of rules specific to their location. These rules may be used in place of the national BMCS rules at inter-realm events only if differences are posted for other attending realms to see at least one month prior to the event. Any event sponsored and funded by BMCS as a national event shall use the full national BMCS rules, without modification.
15.2.4. Must not be within 20 miles of another BMCS realm. Alternatively, if the realm in question is within 20 miles of another BMCS realm, it must have at least ten (10) active members separate from the other realm.
15.2.5. Must have a regularly scheduled practice at least once per month as space and weather permits.
15.2.6. Must have a written constitution and/or bylaws. These will be submitted to the WC for review prior to being granted speaking or voting status.
Does your group meet the requirements as described in Article 15: Realms? *
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