CAITLIN: booking for performances and workshop

Please fill up the form to register selecting all relevant options. Call 90074 28375 or email for more information.
You will receive a confirmation that your response has been recorded, followed by an email with further details on payment options and timelines. Please note that your place will not be finally confirmed until payments are clear. In case we are booked up for any of the events, you may join the waiting list and / or arrive at the venue on the day to check if any spaces have freed up.

All performances are at
Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata
Park Mansions, Gate 4
1st Floor, Auditorium
57A, Park Street
Calcutta 700016

The workshop is at
Padatik Theatre
6/7 AJC Bose Road
Calcutta 700017

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