Charlotte, London and Amsterdam Programming Blockchain Scholarship Application
Should you be selected, you will be given a free admission (value: $4000 USD) to the Programming Blockchain Seminar on January 17-18 in Charlotte, NC or January 22-23 in London, UK or January 26-27 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You will still be responsible for travel to and from the venue.
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Which locations are you applying for? (Note you will need to pay your own way to the location if you are selected) *
What project are you hoping to be able to contribute to or create as a result of what you'll learn at this seminar? *
IF YOU DON'T AT LEAST TRY THIS PROBLEM YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED: Suppose you are given a list of possible Bitcoin that you control (inputs). You need to pay someone exactly 0.71 BTC. How would you select exactly 2 inputs in such a way as to minimize the change output if you could ignore fees? Write a python function that selects the two inputs. *
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