Morris Radio Club - Equipment Loan Application
The purpose of this arrangement is primarily to assist club members get on the air and/or enable club members to borrow various items for trial, evaluation or measurement purposes. The Morris Radio Club (MRC) offers the items listed below available on a loan basis under the following conditions:

1. All items remain the property of Morris Radio Club (MRC).
2. The person borrowing these items will be fully responsible, at all times, for looking after them ensuring that they remain in good condition and protected against loss or damage. No borrowed item may be sub loaned to any other party.
3. Returns: All borrowed items must be returned to the appropriate Club official responsible for this equipment at MRC at the end of the agreed loan period, or earlier if requested by an MRC officer (examples include ARRL Field Days and Club events).
3. Liability and use: MRC accepts no direct or consequential liability in respect of the operation of the loaned
equipment. The borrower must operate the equipment at all times in accordance with Part 97 of the FCC regulations and according to their license class.
4. Term: The period of loan will be nominally 90 days but will be agreed at the time of the loan, dependent
upon the category of the equipment.  To loan the equipment for additional days, please fill out another Equipment Loan Application 2 weeks prior to the end of your loan period.
5. Device location: The devices loaned are intended to be used in the address listed below. If the devices are to travel with the recipient, use of a suitable travel / road case will be required. Prior consent from the loan committee will be required if the device is to travel. The loan application and travel notice would need to be submitted at least two weeks before the travel date.

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I have read and understand the provisions of this loan program. I will abide by the FCC's rules pertaining to borrowed equipment's use. I will return all equipment in the condition it was borrowed. (Your name as signature and your call sign, below) *
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