Local Digital Skills Partnerships: Playbook Contribution - Stage One (Recognise Need and Build the Partnership)
Good Things Foundation is working with DCMS to create a 'Playbook' of best practice in local digital skills. This is designed to inspire local partners - Local Enterprise Partnerships, Combined and Local Authorities, private sector organisations, charities and entrepreneurs - to create partnerships that drive forward digital skills, and in doing so help them to learn from best practice in other areas.

The Playbook will be shared widely with local partners via social media, the Good Things Foundation website and other channels. The playbook will also be referenced on the Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) landing page and will feature on the DSP micro site in early Spring 2019.

The Playbook will be structured around a 'six step model' setting out the steps local partners can take to establish a digital skills partnership and have an impact on digital skills. The steps are:

Stage One: Recognise Need and Build the Partnership
Stage Two: Gather data
Stage Three: Match provision to needs
Stage Four: Deliver digital skills
Stage Five: Monitor and evaluate
Stage Six: Share with others

This form allows you to submit an example of best practice against stage one of the model. Good Things Foundation will then review this with DCMS and contact you if further information is required.

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Do you think your partners have belief in the cause, commitment to act, and passion to sustain and learn? How have you made this happen?
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