Request Home Testing Kits - COVID-19
Our in-school testing will end on Friday, when we then start the next phase of COVID-19 prevention measures: the home testing of students. Staff are already home testing. To gain the maximum benefit from this approach we need as many families to participate as possible. Overwhelmingly, families gave consent to the in-school testing programme.

Below is an online form for you to request home testing kits for your child. Although you may complete this anytime, we will need it completed by Wednesday 17th March to ensure kits are handed out this week. Each student will receive enough kits for 3 weeks, with additional deliveries being provided later. We aim to issue these on Thursday and Friday this week.

If a student tests positive with a home test then they will need to isolate, as will any close contacts. However, they will also need to take a further PCR test, and should this be negative then the period of self-isolation comes to an end. (Please be aware this is not the case with in-school tests). School will need to be informed of any PCR test results.

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