Middle School Enrichment Selection for the Fall 2022/2023 School Year  - DUE by June 20th, 2022
Please answer all required information accurately. Incorrect information will cause your submission to be rejected.

You will be selecting your 2022/2023 Fall enrichment at this time. This will be DUE BY June 20th 2022.

****If you are currently in band, theater, chorus, or guitar, please do not choose another enrichment as those are programs that last for the entire year. If you would like to join one of those 4 in the Fall, you may select the one you want as your 1st choice and those teachers will speak with you in September. Be sure to select all 6 choices though just in case.

For those 6th Graders interested in Virtual Enterprise Program, DO NOT fill out this form. Only fill the form for that program, which you were spoken to about on June 10th with Mr. Ciarvino and Ms. Fazzolari.

Rank your choices, with 1 being your first choice and 6 being your last. Failure to rank the choices from 1 - 6 will cause your submission to be rejected and your placement will be randomly chosen.

***You are not guaranteed your first choice.  Enrichment courses are also subject to change or deletion.

Please enter your NYCDOE email below. You will only be able to fill this form out once so please make sure of your choices.

Thank you.
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Are you interested in the Pre-Med course?  Thinking of becoming a doctor or a nurse? Like learning about the human body and see how it works? Join Pre-Med *
Are you interested in the Pre-Law course?     Thinking about becoming a lawyer?! In this enrichment, students will learn about what goes into becoming a lawyer and will learn from an actual attorney about the course work taught in law school. In this class we will explore topics such as criminal law, property law,  and how to start a business- just to name a few. *
Please rank the following choices for your Fall Enrichment of the 2022/2023 School Year SCROLL RIGHT FOR UP TO 15 CHOICES *
Student Advisory Club
Graphic Novels
Executive Leadership
Lego Robotics
Computer Science
Green Team
Graphic Design
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