ShamLuLu Shampoo Ingredients MYSTERY contest - entry form

WIN : *** 1-year of FREE shampoo by finding the shampoo with the most ingredients ***

HOW to enter:
(1) complete the form below, and
(2) follow "ShamLuLu" facebook page

One additional prize of "1-year of FREE shampoo" will be offered for our Kickstarter supporter who
(1) find the shampoo with most ingredients and
(2) successfully supported us in our "ShamLuLu" project in Kickstarter

Total 2 years FREE shampoo to give-away. ACT NOW!
Number of ingredients in your shampoo? (For the winner, we will contact you to request photos of the shampoo label showing BOTH the shampoo ingredient list AND the shampoo name for verification. ) *
What is the brand of the shampoo? *
What is the name of the shampoo? (e.g. Cleanse & Replenish, Deep Cleansing for all hair types) *
Please provide your Facebook name. You need to follow our "ShamLuLu" facebook page to enter this contest. *
If you are a supporter of "ShamLuLu" campaign in Kickstarter, please provide your email address used in Kickstarter. (If you are currently not our supporter and would support us later, please ensure you use the same e-mail address in this entry form)
Please provide us with your contact details so that we notify you if you are the winner and provide you with our product updates.
Name *
Email *
Terms and Conditions:
- Deadline : 9 Dec, 2019
- Entry is valid only if complete information is submitted
- One entry is allowed for each person (unique Facebook page)
- The shampoo must be one that is available in retail shops with proper ingredients label
- ShamLulu has the sole discretion to determine whether the submitted entry form is valid
- Each contestant is only eligible to win one prize
- Contestant would be asked to provide a photos of the shampoo with a clear list of ingredients and shampoo name if they are the winner. If the photos cannot be provided, the contestant's entry would be consider invalid.
- If the number of ingredients is same for more than one contestant, the contestant who completed all the required information earliest would be the winner.
- Extra prize for Kickstarter supporters is valid, only if the "ShamLuLu" Kickstarter campaign reach its funding goal and the contestant use the same e-mail address in Kickstarter and in this entry form.
- Award details :
(1) "1-year of shampoo" means 280 ShamLuLu shampoo tablets (making approximately 3 liters of liquid shampoo)
(2) Prizes will be sent out around Feb 2020, or other dates as deemed appropriate by ShamLuLu.
(3) Prizes will be sent out by post only to major locations in North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Prizes are also available for pickup at our office in Hong Kong.
- In case of dispute, ShamLuLu reserves the right to make final decision.
- ShumLuLu reserves the right to suspend, alter or terminate this campaign at its own discretion at any time without prior notice
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