SESSION ZERO panelist survey
Welcome and thank you for your interest in my round table discussion of Dungeons & Dragons. Please take a moment to fill out this survey to better inform how your stories and experience can be used throughout the first season. Some questions may not apply (if you've never DM'ed or are a Forever DM, for example), so feel free to skip to the next applicable question. Once the surveys are in, I can then contact individuals for each planned episode. Thanks again! - Lincoln
Hi! What's your name? *
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Do you primarily play as a DM or a player character? *
How long have you been playing D&D? If you've had multiple roles within a campaign(s), please list experience in each role. For example: if you've played in two campaigns over the years as an elf ranger in one and a human wizard in the other, please delineate each individually. *
Which editions have you played? *
Dungeon Masters
Players can jump to their section below. There is one "Required" question in this section you will be prompted to answer if missed.
Are you a "Forever DM" or do you play frequently as a PC?
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Please describe what you love about being a DM.
Please describe what you hate about being a DM.
Have you ever run other RPGs? If so, which? How did they compare to D&D?
What is one of your favorite stories from your table? *
What is one of the biggest challenges you've faced in your DM experience?
Do you have any general advice for new DMs?
What is one wish you have as a DM?
Players: What race(s) have you played most? Mark all that apply.
What classes have you played most? Mark all that apply.
Have you homebrewed anything for your character or campaign? If yes, please briefly describe your process, the necessity of the homebrew, and how it was received by your group. *
Players, please describe your process for creating your character's backstory.
Which of the following appeals to you most as a player?
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How confident are you when it comes to what your character (PC or NPC) can do on their turn in combat? *
"What do I do now?"
"I've had my turn planned since we rolled initative"
How comfortable are you playing a magic user? *
"I have spells?"
"I know my spells and your spells."
Have you ever multi-classed your character? If so, please describe your process and intentions.
Do you play old-school paper and pencil or do you use any digital tools? *
What advice do you have for new players? *
DMs, when a player gets stuck or seems lost, how do you help them get back on track and keep things moving?
Players, what have DMs done for you in the past to help you out of a confusing or frustrating situation?
DMs, how have you dealt with a difficult or problematic player?
Players, how have you dealt with a difficult or problematic DM?
Do you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community? *
If you answered yes, would you be interested in being on an episode specifically about the LGBTQ+ community in D&D?
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If you are female-identifying, would you be interested in an episode about your experience and the overall treatment, inclusion, etc. of female-identifying people in the D&D community?
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What's would be your availability to participate in a 45-60 minute Zoom call(s) on topics germane to your role and experience? Please include your time zone as well. *
Anything else I should know that will aid in the pre-production process for this project? *
Thank you so much for your time! I'll be in touch after I've received responses.
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