2019 NASPA Annual Conference Mentee Application Form
Program Description
The SLPKC Graduate Student Mentorship Program is designed to connect master’s level graduate students who are interested in student leadership with current professionals in the field. Each graduate student (mentee) will be matched with a professional (mentor) during the annual conference and will be encouraged to network during the course of the conference. There is an expectation that the mentor and mentee meet once during the conference. It will be up to the discretion of both the mentor and mentee if they wish to continue to communicate after the conference. The purpose of the program is to connect the mentee to the SLPKC and NASPA, provide the mentee with networking opportunities during the conference, and allow the mentee to learn more about working with student leadership programs. Furthermore, mentors who participate in the program will be able to connect with graduate students in the field and support the SLPKC. Please complete registration by Friday, February 15, 2019.

Mentee Requirements:
- Currently enrolled in a graduate program
- Commitment to meet at least once with mentor during the conference

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