The Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board of Nigeria (MRTB) is carrying out a study aimed at determining physiotherapist/patient ratio in health care service delivery in Nigeria. Please kindly complete the questionnaire appropriately to the best of your knowledge and in all sincerity. All information will be kept confidential and used for research purposes only.
Marital Status
Location of Hospital (LG)
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Location of the Hospital (State)
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Location of the Hospital (Geo-Political Zone)
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Classification of the Hospital/State
How Many Bed Spaces does your Hospital/Clinic/Centre have?
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Are you aware of the reviewed Area of Specialization
Tick your area of Specialization
What is your Current Designation
How long have you been in practice?
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How many units do you have in your department?
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Which unit do you work most in your department?
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How many Physiotherapists are in your unit?
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Please give us the number of physiotherapists available in your unit according to their current designation as written in Question 12 above. E.g Interns - 10. Senior PT - 5. e.t.c.
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On average, how many referrals does your unit receive in a week?
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Averagely, how many patients do you treat in a week?
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What is the average number of patients you see in a day?
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On average, how often do you treat your patients?
What is the average number of minutes/hours that you spend treating your patient?
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Please state the Physiotherapist/Patient Ratio in your hospital/Clinic/Centre
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Are you satisfied with the number of physiotherapists in your hospital/clinic/centre? If No, what effect does it have on patient management, Patient prognosis, Recovery time, Patient`s satisfaction, Image of the profession and department?
If No, please write the effect you think this has in the space provided as "Other".
What effect(s) does this have on the department`s internally generated revenue?
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State the departmental average Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)
What is the level of rapport between your department and the hospital Management/Administration?
Do you think you are adequately remunerated?
Are you satisfied with the hours you work?
Is your working environment conducive?
What do you consider as the major problem in your department?
Is the attitude of your patients or their families constituting an impediment to your job satisfaction?
Your answer
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