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This form is to help us know where all the local Ukrainian families will be living.  It will help us link children of similar ages.  We will share anonymised data (Postcode and family make-up) to help plan support for the visitors once they are here. Don't forget to ask your guests to join the Ukrainians in Godalming Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/363165295732136/?ref=share - they should also join the guest WhatsApp group
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Your name *
(This will allow admins to contact you and advise of people close to you who have children the same age. Please give enough information for us to find you on the group - many people may share your first name)
Your Postcode *
When will/ Did your family arrive *
What is the lead guest's name
Who Are you hosting
Adult Female
Adult Male
Young Adult (16-18) Female
Young Adult (16-18) Male
Secondary age (11-16) females
Secondary age (11-16) males
Junior age (7-11) girls
Junior age (7-11) boys
Infant age (4-7) girls
Infant age (4-7) boys
Preschool (0-4) girls
Preschool (0-4) Boys
If you would like us to allocate a Vodafone SIM card, Please add a method of contacting you  
Please note that we will only issue SIMs through this form to people living in Godalming and its villages.  Visitors to Guildford, Haslemere and Farnham have their own groups who can allocate SIMs.  Guests in Farnborough and Aldershot should message Admin directly.
There is a WhatsApp group for guests.  Please let us know your guests' WhatsApp number and we will add them to the group
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