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To: Wangari Muriuki, Board Chair, and Mark Aston, CEO, of Fred Victor
cc: Paul Raftis & Councillor Wong-Tam, City of Toronto and Susan Fitzpatrick, Toronto Central LHIN

On May 14, 2018 a notice was posted at Fred Victor's Open House drop-in program, located at 145 Queen Street East, stating that the drop-in would be closed on May 22 indefinitely. A swift public response resulted in Fred Victor management announcing that the program would re-open on May 28.

But the underlying issue of under-funding and under-staffing remains unaddressed. This means the drop-in will continue to operate with its service hours cut in half, add further strain on workers, and remain under threat of closure.

Toronto is in the midst of a deadly shelter and opioid crisis that claimed at least 100 homeless lives last year. Drop-ins provide access to indoor space during the day, food, harm reduction kits, and other services which are vital in the neighbourhood. We cannot afford to lose the Open House Drop-in program.

We, the undersigned demand that Fred Victor Centre find the resources necessary to reinstate the four-hour drop-in, with food and adequate staffing to run the service. Further, we call on the City and the Province to sufficiently fund the Open House drop-in and other drop-ins around the City to increase access to these vital resources.
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