Virtual MSTEHP Fellowship Letter of Support

The mission of the Maryland Science, Technology, Engineering, and Health Policy (MSTEHP)
Fellowship is to enhance access of Maryland’s legislative branch policymakers to
scientific, technical, and health expertise.

Singing this letter will help us demonstrate to potential funding agencies and other science policy champions the widespread support of the Fellowship across Maryland.

Providing your name on this form will constitute signing the letter of support. Any additional information you chose to provide will help us tailor additional messaging for widespread support of the MSTEHP fellowship. Thank you for your time completing this form!
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Are you interested in volunteering with MSTEHP or donating? If so, please let us know what you would like to help with. For example, volunteers are needed to write and edit blog posts for our website, prepare grant applications for funding, meet with Maryland representatives to gather support for MSTEHP, and serve as members of an advisory board.
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