Knoxville Maker Directory Application
Apply to be a part of Knoxville's digital Maker Directory! The goal of the Directory is to raise awareness of the makers in Knoxville and the surrounding area and the goods that you make. As The Maker City, we want to shed the spotlight on makers in the community and drive traffic to your business. The Maker Directory makes it easier for consumers looking for handmade products, retailers wanting to sell locally made items, contractors searching for small-scale manufacturers and fabricators, and businesses wanting local contacts for their projects of all sizes.

In the next few months, we are redesigning this list of Knoxville makers to be searchable. You can view the current Directory at

Membership to The Maker City Directory is currently FREE and ensures you’re the first to know about maker events, educational courses, and promotional opportunities.

Apply to join the Knoxville Maker Directory if you:
• Make goods/offer creative services in the Knoxville area
• Sell locally made products
• Have space or resources to benefit local makers

Please do not apply for the Directory if you:
• Have no high-res images (our new Directory format is very visual-focused and we want to see what you do! Smart phone images are acceptable if they are high-quality)
• Don't make or sell locally made products/services or provide resources that are maker-focused
• Have no website, store, or social media links (we want people to be able to find and contact you)

If you have any questions about The Maker City Directory, please email

We review applications at the beginning of each month. We reserve the right to accept or decline any applications for any reason. We also reserve the right to edit and adjust applications as needed to best suit our format.

NOTE: By applying, you agree to allow The Maker City to use your information and images for social media, promotion, etc.

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