Girls Rock Columbia 2017 Workshop Proposal Form!
Thank you so much for submitting a workshop proposal for Girls Rock Columbia 2017 summer camp! Our workshops are a big way for us to center social justice and advocacy in our program and connect our campers with the information and skills they will need to change the world!

Our 2017 camp runs July 17-21, and is being held at Columbia College. Each workshop presenter facilitates an hour and 15 minute workshop twice, back-to-back (once for younger campers, once for older campers). The estimated time commitment for a workshop is 3 hours, including time for a break in the middle.

***All Workshop Facilitators are expected to attend 1 mandatory volunteer meeting on Sunday, June 25, from 3-5 pm. If you are not available to attend, please contact us at

Our workshop tracks allow us to give campers more attention during workshop time and create a camp curriculum that actively promotes not only skill-sharing but also sustainable community activism! Workshops should loosely fall into one of the following categories:

GIRLS ROCK 101 (skill shares for first-time campers)-- Girls Rock basics for new campers; in this track we’ll learn tools for community-building and get a DIY crash course in the Girls Rock experience!
(Potential Workshops include: self-defense, rock photography, screen printing, ‘zine-making, etc.)

WHAT'S THAT RACKET? (experiments in music and sounds)--Campers will learn to experiment with, record, mix, and/or produce their own music using a variety of techniques. No experience in music software, electronic beat making, or recording is necessary.
(Potential workshops include: building a contact mic, building a pedal board, circuit bending, audio console mixing, looping sounds, recording on a 4-track, etc.)

MOVEMENT & THE MOVEMENT (physical expressions of social change)--In this track, we’ll dance, we’ll move, we’ll learn about consent. This week, we’ll learn how to celebrate our bodies rather than think negatively about them, to dance rather than hide, how to ask for space or care rather than become silent. We’ll practice being active, being whole, and caring for ourselves.
(Potential workshops include: body positivity, dance as a means of social change, theater of the oppressed, radical self-care, etc.)

BEHIND THE SCENE (community-building through organizing)--Have you ever wondered how to create the music scene you want to see? This track will walk through that process! This includes things like finding, contacting, and booking bands, promoting and producing an all-ages show, and creating rad music videos!
(Potential workshops include: music videos, making flyers, DIY merch, rock journalism, booking a show, organizing a protest, etc.)

ARTS & ACTIVISM (learning to share and amplify your story through multiple media)--Do you want to share your ideas with the world? Have you ever been frustrated with the ideas that are presented to you in the media you see every day? In this workshop, we will learn how to create our own radical art to tell our stories!
(Potential workshop ideas include: mural making, spoken word, artistic memoirs, etc.)


Thanks again--you rock!


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