Agrilliance Consumer Survey - EN
As we are building the initiative, we need your input to assemble the best tools that will help develop food resilience in your community. This survey has been kept short (15 multiple choice questions) to minimize the time required on your end. The information you provide is confidential and will be used to understand and serve your local food sourcing better. We really appreciate your feedback!
1. Which of the following represent attributes of Quality food?
Select all that apply
2. Beyond which distance of production do you not consider food as local anymore?
3. Is it important for you to know more about the source and quality of the food you eat?
4. Which of the following scenarios would motivate a change to local/durable food sources?
5. Which food information directly influences your purchasing?
Select all that apply
6. Would the information you mentioned above also be major a factor of choice in transformed food businesses such as restaurants?
7. Would you favor a restaurant that uses local produce over one that does not?
8. Would you favor a restaurant that uses organic produce over one that does not?
9. If Organic and Local producers were on equivalent price levels as more conventional producers, would you favor them instead?
10. How much additional cost would justify local/organic over imported/conventional foods?
11. Given your geographic position, would you be willing to travel beyond the grocery store to find higher quality products?
If yes, how far?
12. What is your country and postal code?
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13. What is your age group?
14. What is you gender?
15. Do you have ideas or comments about what Agrilliance could do for you as a food consumer?
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