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Hi there! Awhile back we announced that we'd be starting to host some tournaments soon and, low and behold, we've finally got around to our first one. This one will be run by gfx#0001, so if you have any additional questions, please contact him.

This tournament is planned to be a bracket-styled event where teams will compete until only one is left. The winning team in the end will all receive $10 RP cards each.

This event will be on NA servers, so if you want to participate outside of League's NA servers, you'd have to transfer regions or create a separate account on the region for the tournament.

Please fill out the following form if you are interested.

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We're looking to have teams be set up prior to registration by contestants, meaning you'd get your 5-man together and then sign your team up. Would you be able to get a team together, or would you be going into this completely solo? *
If you're going solo, would you like us to set you up with a team, create a place where you can talk to others interested and create your own team with other members looking to make a team, etc.?
Would you prefer to see this tournament use blind pick or draft pick? *
Blind pick = all champions available and the enemy team doesn't know who you are before loading in. Draft pick = each team can ban certain champions; however you'll also see who is picking what champion on both teams.
What time of the day are you most readily available? *
Any additional comments?
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