IRIDE.IO Airdrop
2nd airdrop announcement:

Please tell your friend and family to follow our channels, because we're launching 2nd airdrop. Due to  some people didn't get their tokens  and we have large requested to have another airdrop.
The purpose of 2nd airdrop is due to some didn't get their tokens, wrong ETHER address, missed out the 1st airdrop, and etc........ Now they have a chance to get their tokens. For those already got their tokens DO NOT sign up again please. We have a system it'll remove the addresses OUT ONLY.
End 9/5/2018

1. Join our Telegram channel

2. Fill out the Google form below.
3. Visit our site
4. Go to Facebook and like our Facebook page
5. Go to Twitter and follow our Twitter page
6. Earn 500 free IRIDE - tokens (worth $50,-)
7. Help us grow the Telegram group and earn an additional 5 tokens (10 in total) when we reach 25K Telegram subscribers!
8. Enter the telegram group and set a question about IRIDE
9 . Please like the facebook page of the team we sponsor :
10.Watch videos, tap and subscribe to our channel
Please read the Airdrop conditions on the link below. The token from Airdrop will be sent to your Ethereum wallet after the sale of the two-week token !

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