Rocket Vinyasa 10-week Intensive with Frida Starvid
This course consists of ten classes á 2 hours each, aimed for the yogi who wants to commit a bit more than just dropping into a studio for a random class. 2 hours is enough time to go in-depth into a theme each class - be it technical stuff, handstand drills, arm balance transitions, pranayama, bandhas or Rocket philosophy - and still give you a full 90 minute flow! You don´t have to be an advanced yogi, but you are probably not a total beginner, and you need to be up for a challenge!

To take the classes online, you sign up for a 10 week-subscription of the course. This is a complete bargain - one class per week for 10 weeks for only €100! Sign up using the form below and write "SUBSCRIPTION" in the Comments Field at the bottom. Down there is also a link to Paypal that you use to pay. When I see your payment has come through, I´ll send you a confirmation email. The classes are then emailed to you once a week.

The classes are recorded on Thursdays 18:00-20:00 at Stockholm Under Stjärnorna, the rooftop of HOBO Hotel, Brunkebergstorg. Entrance through TAK. If you want to join IRL, sign up below and write " STOCKHOLM IRL" in the Comments Field. You have booked your spot once payment is made through Paypal or Swish - 200 sek per class or 1500 sek for the full 10 sessions! Swish no is 123 595 61 80.
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